Spiritual Author

Dawn Hazel

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been reading the cards and keeping an eye on the numbers that the angels have been sending me and learning how to interpret the numerical messages during different stages and situations in my life. I’ve been lucky in that my family has always noticed and followed the advice of angel numbers and the tarot cards. Sometimes I might think of them as a short “weather forecast” when it comes to my spiritual journey.


Angel Numbers 1-9, Meaning

How to Understand the Divine Message Angels Are Showing You For Twin Flames, Grief, Love, Change, Lost Loved Ones, Friends

Spiritual Energies

Awaken What’s Within You With Everything You Need to Know About the 7 Spiritual Energies.

Your Personalized Angels Guide

Introducing Archangels and Angels, and Understanding Who They are and What Value They Add to Your Life.

Dreamer Dream Journal

Dream Journal Notebook, Diary, Dream Interpretation 125 pages.

Angel Journal

Blank Lined Journal 125 pages 6×9.

Meditation Techniques

A Beginners’ Guide to Meditating with Your Angels.

Make Peace With Painful Memories

Learn How to Forgive When you Cannot Forget.